5 trips you NEED to go on in 2022


Are you getting excited for 2022 after my last blog and just NEED to read more?! You’ve came to the right place. I’ve listed a few of our fave trips that are accessible via us to experience. We promise you, none of these sites will disappoint!


The Farnes 


The Farnes is our most diverse site as you can both dive and snorkel here! The most infamous reason to visit the Farne Islands is their resident Grey Seal colony. They’re absolutely amazing and so interactive! I once had 3 hanging off me at one time! No matter if you’re a pro diver or just want that once in a lifetime experience with our spectacular wildlife, we’ve got something for you! As with all marine Fauna, it’s super important to practise passive interaction which you can read more about here

Our Snorkel Safaris operate between June- August and are so popular so if you’re thinking of booking, we recommend doing so ASAP. Likewise, our Dive boats fill up pretty fast too! Link to access the deets for snorkelling below and all of our diving events at the end of the blog. 

The Farnes isn't just known for it’s Seals though! There are also some pretty class sites ranging from 3metres to 30metres! At Longstone Lighthouse you can explore the crystal clear shallows, have a peep around the underwater world and really get up, close and personal with the Seals. However, if ya fancy something a little more challenging, at 30metres lies the Somali Wreck. The passenger-cargo boat thought to have carried general cargo was bound for Hong Kong but was instead bombed in 1941 off the coast of Beadnell. 

The exact cargo of the Somali is classified information, even to this day, but the huge explosion that created a mushroom cloud and shattered the windows of the houses and church on shore leads everyone to believe that there was more than just hand cream on board!

Rumour has it that there was gold too…. If that's not an incentive to have a sneaky peek then I'm not sure what is! 


Seals off the Farne Island Nature Reserve. First image Diving in a hidden Gully and second image just off Longstone




St Abbs


St Abbs is another super popular boat trip we like to go on regularly, along with The Farnes. The sites at St Abbs again range in depth and attractions. Wrecks such as the ‘Peanut Wreck’ can be found on the dive plus the area is covered in interesting wildlife such as Woldfish! 


Happy customers and Co-Founder Nic sharing love during their surface interval


Eyemouth is the most stunning site that I've ever dived. The Gullies are littered with Marine life with the walls being Covered in Dead Man’s Finger soft Coral, Kelp forests as far as the eye can see, Shoals of Fish zipping past you and Octopus appearing from under the rocks. Plus we're often greeted with around 10metres average Viz! The site is literally bursting with ecosystems full of colour, life and energy! 

We even get the occasional Harbour Seal too!


Stunning Sea wall littered in Dead Mans Finger and colour!

West Coast Scotland

At the latter end of this year we took a spontaneous trip with some of our Subscription members to Dunoon on the West Coast of Scotland and lemme tell you... it was epic. The Scottish Lochs make for the perfect dive site as you can literally get between 0-100m depth within swimming distance, so it’s perfect for various levels of fun dives and different courses. There's something for everyone. 

A huge pull factor to our little trip was the Wrecks. There are over 20 Wreck sites accessible via boat!!! They lie between 15 and 50metres so again, are waiting to be explored by all types of divers. 

The sites are also booming with marine life. One of our Dive Masters Matt was speechless (literally ;D) at the size of the crabs and Co-founder Jim even reckons he saw a Ray shoot off in the distance! 


Pre-Dive modelling at Dunoon


In May we're planning to head up to the Orkney Islands to meet our friends at Kraken for some Wreck adventures! I heard the diving's menna be kraken ;D. Up at Scapa there are 7 wrecks sitting between 16 to 46 meters so perfect for all divers! 


I hope that you feel excited and inspired by this blog and are just as keen to get back in the water and make a splash in 2022 as I am! We hope to see you on one of these trips. Check out all of our upcoming events below but until then… Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Fifth Point Team x 


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