12 reasons to get excited for New Year Diving


With the Pandemic happening over the past few years, we’re really hoping that 2022 is something to get excited about and that's why I’ve compiled a few things that I’m super hyped for into a blog to hopefully pass on my excitement to you guys!  


AAAAA!!! Seals… who’s not excited?!? Although our resident Grey Seals are not seasonal, the predictable, calmer weather makes for ALOT more trips!

We absolutely love our Seal Diving adventures with Serenity Diving and for you non-divers that wanna get a taste of the magic, we offer Snorkel Safaris (more on this later so keep reading)! 

The Seals are so lovely and inquisitive.. I once had 3 hanging off me at one time! They come super close to us but it’s realllllly important to practise passive interaction with all Marine wildlife. Protecting these amazing animals is so important to us, we even created a short course to help our divers and snorkelers. You can access it for free here

If you think this once in a lifetime experience sounds like something you would be up to then click below to find out more! 

The Farne Island Nature Reserve, Northumberland

Warmer water

Although us North Sea divers like a little flex about how we’re so hardcore diving in 4 degree water, we cant lie, we do appreciate it when the sea warms up a little. Last year the average at our dive sites was around 12 degrees, Jim even did a few wetsuit dives!  

Warmer water means that provided you’re wearing the right exposure suit (remember, we’re still not in the Bahamas) you can extend ya bottom time and explore the Big Blue a little more! 


Our Subs member Scott taking in the rays at our adopted dive site Knacker Hole in Beadnell


In the Summer, we visit the Farne islands ALOT. We absolutely love it there. The Farnes doesn't just host Seals, Bottlenose Dolphins, Lionsmane Jellies, the occasional Minke or Humpback (yino… the average ;D) but it is also home to thousands of Sea birds. Puffins being one! These seasonal beauties litter the Farnes and are always a hoot with our guests. We even get excited every time we see them too! 


Puffin off the Farne Islands. Image by Serenity Cruises


Talking about seasonal Marine Fauna, Lumpsuckers can be found at our adopted dive sites in Beadnell, Lady and Knacker Hole. They’re rarely seen due to them being a deep water fish living up to several hundred metres below Sea level. However, they ascend to lay their eggs and are often spotted at the beginning of the Spring Season!



Better viz

Although low viz conditions brings it’s own set of exciting challenges to explore, being able to see that little bit further can be so rewarding! In the summer, although it’s difficult between a few, Eyemouth is my favourite dive site.

The Gullies are littered with Marine life with the walls being Covered in Dead Man’s Finger soft Coral, Kelp forests as far as the eye can see (literally ;D), Shoals of Fish zipping past you and Octopus appearing from under the rocks plus with around 10metres average Viz, every dive is a vibrant one! Plus better Viz is often accompanied by better conditions all around meaning a more relaxed dive so why not practise some skills? Have a go at Photography or try a course you’ve always wanted to do. 


Co-founder Jim embracing 6metres Viz by showing off his quirky debris finds!

New challenges

Challenges can range from having a go at that skill that's been haunting you for a while to practising deco stops at 60 metres. Every person faces their own set of perceived barriers. But don't worry, we’re here to help with as much of it as we can. We even have a Clinical Psychologist on our team. Laura is amazing at really getting to the root of an issue you may be having, say a mask skill for example and can really offer you the best help there is out there! 

On the other hand, if you’re wanting to have a go at a new challenge, we’re also here to help! Are you thinking about taking the next step and becoming a Rescue Diver? Or even a Pro? Get in touch and we can sort you out. It’s always good to get motivated by something and have a goal, so what are you waiting for? Make yours! 


Rescue course at 'Black Rocks' Dive Site in Bamburgh

New buddies

One of my favorite things about diving is meeting people and the social aspect of the hobby. We have an amazing group of regular divers on our Scuba Subscription that we LOVE as our buddies. Diving isn't all about being underwater, it's the craic and natter that comes along with it! 

Pop along to one of our dives to meet these guys, we promise that it won't disappoint! Plus if you’re interested then click the link below to access the Scuba Subs packages. 


A few of our amazing Subs members after completing their Rescue course together #buddies4lyf


New dive sites and trips

Last year was jam packed with Dive Sites including exploring the amazing St Abbs Nature Reserve bay ‘Pettico wick’. I even went back for a non- diving galivant which included a scenic walk and dip as it's that beautiful! Later on in the year we also took a spontaneous trip with some of our Subs members to Dunoon in Scotland. The Lochs were so exciting and Co- founder Jim reckons he even saw a Ray shoot off in the distance! In the Summer we also go on our hollibobs for a camping weekend away where we will start and finish a course. This year we did a fabulous Advanced weekender in Seahouses where we met new buddies, had a laugh and got some more experience. Not to mention, explored our new Bamburgh site ‘Black Rocks’. 

Next year we’re also hoping to explore some new sites such as Scapa and have a few more trips to the West Coast of Scotland so stay tuned! A few of the guys are even heading off to Norway for a Cold Water trip! 


Staff Instructor Tash at Pettico Wick & The stunning view from the top

Snorkel Safaris

Told ya they 're coming… our Snorkel Safaris operate between June- August and are so popular so if you’re thinking of booking, we recommend doing so ASAP. They’re the perfect opportunity to try something new, maybe put you out of your comfort zone a little and get up close nd personal with the fantastic wildlife the Northumberland Coastline has to offer. The cruises include all of your Equipment so you just need a cozzy and towel, complimentary Hot Choccy and Biscuits to warm up and refuel after, an experienced Snorkel leader throughout the experience and a briefing/ debriefing from said leader. Did I mention that you don't only get the Seals on this trip but a Sunset too?!? These trips are honestly my fave boat adventures of the whole year! 


(no bias bcos I took this) The CUTEST Seal off the Farne Island Nature Reserve, Northumberland


Summer BBQ’s

Along with warmer waters comes warmer weather right?!? This is when Jim whips out his fancy snazzy BBQ and makes a few burgers and sausages (plus veggie options) for us! Although this doesn't happen every time we dive, it really is a treat when the party comes along too!


Jim and his Cook out! #NewBBQ

More courses

Remember when I said new challenges are fun? Why not channel that energy into a new course that you’ve wanted to explore? I will be writing a blog on speciality courses very soon so keep your eyes peeled! 

Whether you wanna take the leap and become an Open Water Diver or go Pro! We can help ya! Just get in touch. 


Rescue Divers ready to save lives!!!

New gear

With all of these new exciting adventures you’re gonna go on, why not treat yaself to a few new bits. I’ve just written a blog on ‘getting kitted out for 2022’ so check it out here. 


A few of our fabulous Subscription members rocking their Avatars!



I hope that ya just as pumped about 2022 diving as I am. We’re really looking forward to seeing all of our regulars and meeting new faces!

Have a Lovely Christmas,

The Fifth Point Team x

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