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We are spoilt rotten with amazing dive sites right on The Fifth Point's doorstep. Diving trips in Northumberland truly are spectacular. If you're interested in diving with The Fifth Point, you'll find this article really useful. It describes what our dive trips look like and how new (to us) divers can get involved.

I've never dived with you before, what's the process?

If you live local to The Fifth Point, you might be interested in our diver subscription, Submerge. Think of it like a gym membership, but for scuba diving! It will help you get out and dive regularly plus LOADS of other benefits like weekly online training, equipment hire, discounts at The Honest Diver Supply Co and more!

Submerge has a membership option if you don't live locally too - you can still benefit from all the online training plus you get 25% off our diving rates during your trip up to bonny Northumberland.

Whether you're a Submerge member or just joining us for some cheeky dives, we ask all new (to us) divers to get wet a few more times than you're probably expecting. We'll ask that you jump in our training tank before heading out on your first shore dive. And if it's a boat dive you're looking for, we'll ask you to do both a tank dive and a shore dive before your boat diving adventure!

There's a few reasons we ask for this...

  1. Jumping in the training tank gives you a chance to shakedown before heading to the big blue. This is particularly useful if it's been a few months since your last dive (if it's been longer, you might want to consider a refresher too). You can get back in the swing of diving and also test your gear. If you're using your own, we can make sure there are no issues that might spoil your upcoming diving trips in Northumberland and get them fixed before we head out. If you're renting ours, we can make sure that it fits you properly and get an idea of the weight you'll need in the sea.
  2. Our shore dives are absolutely beautiful. They are the perfect introduction to diving in the UK - especially if that's something completely new to you. If you've only ever dived abroad, you're seriously missing out! UK diving is epic and Northumberland has some of the best shore dive spots in the whole of the country. We regularly see crabs, lobsters, dog fish, octopus, nudibranchs... it's awesome!
  3. Starting with a shore dive gets you accustomed to diving in the North Sea before jumping off a boat. To just rock up and chuck yourself off the back of a boat is going to be overwhelming to say the least. Doing a couple of shore dives first gets you acclimatised to the temperature. You'll be able to make any kit changes needed to feel comfy for a full day of diving off the boat. You can experience the viz, I'm not gonna lie - sometimes it can be low, especially if you're only used to diving abroad in crystal clear water! Plus you can practise your buoyancy in shallow water so you know you've got it nailed ready for diving off the boat.
  4. You get to know the team more. We know how important the bond between diver and dive leader is. By doing some check dives and shallow dives before some deeper adventures, you get to know and trust the team. This will help quash any nerves you might be having and make the whole experience more enjoyable! I know I'm a bit biased, but our team are really fantastic. They'll make sure that you're having a good time and you'll quickly realise that if you have any issues or concerns, they're here to help. They're all super approachable.
  5. You get to protect the ocean. We always find WAY more litter on shore dives compared to when we're out on the boats. Every dive we do at The Fifth Point is a dive against debris. We pick up all the rubbish we find and turn it into survey data that we report back to PADI AWARE. You will most likely be diving at one of our adopted sites - we've got 5! And we pledge to look after them every time we visit with surveys and surface interval beach cleans.

How regular are our diving trips in Northumberland?

We're out diving as much as we possibly can! You can find a full calendar of our trips here. When the conditions are good, we'll hit the water Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We like to make the most of good weather and decent viz because in the blink of an eye a weather front can move in and spoil our fun!

We do a mixture of shore diving and boat diving. We visit Beadnell and Eyemouth regularly for shore dives - they're our favourite spots and tend to have the most reliable conditions but we'll also drop in on other sites like St Mary's West Bay and Collywell. We dive at The Farnes at least once a month so we can visit the seals and explore deeper wrecks. We also dive at St Abbs so if you need a coral fix, you might want to hop on - it's beautiful up there!

What level of diver do I need to be?

Diving trips in Northumberland are suitable for all levels of diver. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, there's something here for you!

Our shore dives sites are beautiful and shallow. With a max depth of 15m, they're perfect for Open Water qualified divers.

Some of our dives are a little more challenging. If you're looking to join us on a boat dive at The Farnes, St Abbs or a wreck dive, you will need to be at least Advanced Open Water (or equivalent).

All of our trips are guided. One of our amazing team will be leading your dive to make sure you're happy, safe and seeing the best parts of the site! And don't worry if you're coming along on your own - there will always be a buddy for you, we're a really welcoming bunch.

Do I need to be drysuit certified?

You don't need to be drysuit certified to join our diving trips in Northumberland, but it certainly helps! In the summer months, you'll be more than comfortable in a 7mm semi-dry wet suit (which is included in your gear rental if you need it). But if you're diving between October and March, you'll want to think about using a drysuit!

Summer temperatures can reach a balmy 15°c, but in the winter the North Sea can drop to as low as 6°c.

If you're interested in learning how to dive in a drysuit, we've got a course for that!

Do I need my own diving gear?

You can hire any diving equipment you need for your trip. We pride ourselves on having brand new, top of the range kit. The only thing is that we use wing and long hose configuration at The Fifth Point. But don't worry, if that's new to you we'll get you acquainted while you're in our training tank. It's really not that much of a change from what you're used to, you might even find you prefer it! We certainly do!

Do I need a medical?

You'll fill in all that familiar PADI paperwork before you hit the water. This also includes the PADI medical form. There's more information here and you might want to double-check the little video to see if you need to be signed off by your doctor.

How much does it cost?

There's more details on each individual event page, but for an idea of general prices per person and a schedule:

Day 1
Training tank session with an Instructor at The Fifth Point: £60.00
Day 2
2 guided shore dives at a local site: £100.00
Day 3
2 guided boat dives: £175.00
Equipment rental for the duration: £120.00
And remember, you can save money on these prices with our diver subscription Submerge.

Want to know more?

If you have any other questions, feel free to fire them over! You can contact us here.

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